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Very Early Signs of Pregnancy


Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

Very early signs of pregnancy are often mistaken for premenstrual signs, as they are very similar in nature and severity. Signs during those first few weeks of pregnancy usually include a sensitive sense of smell, craving certain foods, and also being sickened by the smell of certain foods. Both very early pregnancy signs and premenstrual signs include similarities, such as:

  • Sensitive and enlarged breasts,
  • Extreme fatigue,
  • Mild cramping,
  • Mild spotting,
  • Mild nausea, and
  • Having to go to the bathroom more often than normal.

Estrogen and Hormonal Changes

Most of the first signs of pregnancy are caused by a sudden change in both the estrogen and progesterone hormones within a woman’s body. The breast sensitivity and enlargement, nausea, sensitive smell, aversion to and cravings of certain foods, and needing to go to the bathroom more frequently are all symptoms associated with hormonal changes.


Bloating is a sign that can often be mistaken for either early pregnancy or premenstrual syndrome, more commonly called PMS. Progesterone is the main hormone responsible for bloating in both very early pregnancy and before menstruation because it allows digestion to slow, thus allowing more nutrients to seep into the blood.

Light Bleeding

Light bleeding in early pregnancy is often mistaken for the onset of the woman’s period. Many women start spotting, normally upon implantation, without realizing that they are pregnant and thus they start preparing for their period, only to have the spotting stop and be left wondering what is happening. There is only a small fraction of women that actually spot or bleed upon implantation, so it is very easy to miss this early sign.


Fatigue is caused by the large amount of energy needed to create the placenta required for the baby’s safety and growth during pregnancy. The first trimester of pregnancy is the only phase where so much change happens for your unborn child. It takes a lot of energy for the fetus to develop into a normal, healthy unborn child, so it makes sense that Mom gets tired easily and often.

Frequent Bathroom Trips

The pregnancy hormone human chorionic godadotropin, or HCG, causes frequent trips to the bathroom. The hormone increases blood flow to the kidneys, allowing the woman’s body to expel waste more efficiently. The uterus is also enlarging and putting pressure on the woman’s bladder, causing her to have the “gotta go” feeling more often, even if it results in very little output most of the time. The combination of the pressure and hormonal increase causes the woman to learn where each bathroom is in whatever building she is located, and quickly.


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