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Light Spotting Between Periods


light spotting between periods

Light Spotting Between Periods is known as vaginal bleeding between menstrual cycles. In some cases, the bleeding may be very light and would be noticeable only on the tissue paper after wiping. According to Amy Autry, MD, Clinical professor of reproductive sciences obstetrics-gynecology at the University of California at San Francisco, “Most women will experience it in her life at some point or another”. He also states that light spotting between menstrual cycles is fairly normal. However, in some conditions it can be an indication of underlying reproductive health concern.

  • Abnormal uterus lining: Sometimes, the presence of extra tissue inside the lining of the uterus makes the lining delicate and cause light spotting between periods.
  • Pregnancy: Spotting can also specify important life changes in a woman including pregnancy and menopause. It usually occurs in the initial phase of pregnancy, and is considered a warning sign of conception. If the light spotting is followed by heavy bleeding and abdominal cramping, then it possibly could signal to loss of pregnancy or miscarriage.
  • Menopause: If light spotting between periods is noticed later in life it can indicate the onset of menopause, where there will be no menstruation at all. This phase is also referred as perimenopause that gradually transit to full menopause. Hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) is another important factor of causing spotting between periods in this phase of life. During this age, spotting may also be an indication of cancer and other related diseases, so it requires immediate health care.

Light spotting between periods, or abnormal bleeding between periods, can happen for a variety of reasons and it is very common among menstruating women. Sometimes, spotting between periods may have an easy explanation, like the use of oral contraceptive pills or ovulation.

You can prevent and reduce the occurrence of light spotting between periods by following some of these tips:

  • Keeping yourself stress-free since both physical and psychological stress can initiate light spotting between periods
  • Managing healthy weight
  • Taking suitable birth control pill
  • Getting regular tests to check for the growth of any cancerous cells
  • Reducing your intake of aspirin since it is a blood thinner and can cause bleeding between menstrual periods
  • Maintaining a menstrual diary to help your doctor determines the cause of bleeding between periods


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