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Constipation Symptoms

Constipation Symptoms

Constipation SymptomsConstipation is a common occurrence with many stomach related issues, with constipation symptoms being very easy to spot. In fact, in most cases of stomach related issues, either the person has diarrhea or is facing constipation. Diarrhea is very easy to identify, usually expressing itself in a variety of ways. However, constipation, while common knowledge is a little difficult to identify. This is because most people imagine that passing fecal matter should be difficult. This knowledge is borne from the misconception that the longer fecal matter stays in a person, the harder it becomes. Seeing as people do not often go for long calls, then it follows that passage of fecal matter may not be a topic that causes goose bumps in most people. However, it is important to look out for constipation symptoms. Passage of fecal matter should be an easy affair, done with ease and a little of relief.

Constipation is a condition in which the emptying of bowels is infrequent and often done with difficulty. The exact definition of constipation is a little difficult, especially owing to the fact that different people have different opinions of the frequency with which bowels should be emptied. On the other hand, frequency of bowel release in itself cannot be used to identify constipation since it is quite possible to release bowels everyday yet still be suffer from constipation. Up to this point, you can begin to appreciate the reason that people should apprise themselves on the constipation symptoms that they are to look out for.

Research has shown that constipation affects at least one quarter of a particular population in a time. This is a scary statistic especially considering that most of the people may not even know that they have constipation. Research has also shown that the cases of constipation are much higher in elderly people than in the younger generation. The reasons that have been put forward for this prevalence is the fact that as you grow older, the power of the bowel muscles diminishes, leaving you vulnerable to constipation. In addition, most of the medications that the elderly take often have constipation as one of the side effects.

So what are the constipation symptoms that you should look out for?  Often, constipation is accompanied by an attendant tummy ache. This tummy ache is normally in the form of the bowel movements and can last from a few minutes to several hours depending on the severity of the situation. You may also be faced with the feeling of the incomplete emptying of the bowels. Often, people faced with this constipation symptom stay in the toilet for a long time expecting to complete to no avail. In addition, people suffering from constipation usually have a bloated stomach. However, one of the rare constipation symptoms is diarrhea. What most people do not understand is that constipation is one of the major causes of diarrhea in people. This is especially true for the elderly. Diarrhea can look like a far cry from what most people figure constipation to look like; however, it is a common symptom and one that people likely to suffer from constipation should look out for. This type of diarrhea is known as bypass diarrhea.

Now that we have explored the constipation symptoms, it is important to also look at the causes of constipation. The most common cause of constipation is poor general health. Poor health may involve consumption of lots of junk food, infrequent bowel emptying and illnesses. In addition, people who live a very inactive life often have a problem with constipation. Some of the other likely causes of constipation include low fluid intake, low fiber diet, inadequate toilet facilities and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This is a condition that affects a small percentage of the population. It is a medical condition marked by the inability to hold in fecal matter. People suffering from rectal cancer also usually run a higher risk of getting constipated. Constipation may also occur as a side effect of some of the medication that people take. However, as a side effect, the doctors usually prescribe something else to ease the discomfort that comes with constipation. Some of the other conditions that usually lead to the occurrence of constipation include multiple sclerosis, spinal injury and the presence of an under active thyroid gland.

Constipation Symptoms

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