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Brown Spotting Between Periods


brown spotting between periods

Many women experience brown spotting between periods and it’s not always a matter of concern. But, there are conditions when it cannot be ignored easily and requires the consultation of gynecologist.

Causes of Brown Spotting between Periods:

  • Delayed Menstruation: If for any reasons, the period is not observed on the slated time, it is quite probable that before the next period you may see a brown spotting. These brown spots are usually the shedding of old blood from the uterus lining. Thus, if you notice such brown spotting between periods, there is nothing much to worry. In normal circumstances, brown spotting between periods may occur for a day or two. However, if the brown spotting is observed for longer durations, it is highly suggested seeking advice of a qualified doctor.
  • Stress: According to doctors, brown spotting between periods may also indicate psychological problems. During severe stress, the brain might change the production of hormones in women to cause changes in menstrual cycle.
  • Birth Control Pills: Oral contraceptive pills are composed of hormones that imitate the action of estrogen and progesterone hormones. These contraceptive pills can alter the level of hormones and can cause early period or spotting. Similarly, if a woman fails to take her pill regularly, the hormone levels fall in the body to trigger spotting. As the hormone levels start to balance, the spotting or bleeding ceases.
  • Pregnancy: Another important reason for causing brown spotting between periods is pregnancy. Spotting usually happens when the embryo implants on the walls of uterus after fertilization. This is usually noticed in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Serious causes:

  • The occurrence of brown spotting are common with STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) and other related infections.
  • Brown spotting between periods can also be caused due to infections including endometriosis, cervicitis, and vaginitis. If not attended early, these infections get exaggerated to cause pelvic inflammatory disease or PID.
  • Another serious cause of brown spotting between periods is related to one having uterine fibroids. Or the fallopian tubes or uterus being rattled with cysts. Rarely, brown spotting can also point to the possibility of  having  cervical and or cancer ovarian cancer.


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